A Glimse into the Past...

In August of 1950, Redeemer Congregation decided to take a bold step forward. It was decided to broadcast the early morning worship hour over the facilities of radio station WROK. In this way, the Gospel of Christ could be heard far beyond the walls of the church itself. After much praying and planning, the first worship service, of one hour in length, was broadcast to this area.

That big day was on October 15, 1950, at 8:00 a.m. The Rev. E. C. Beversdorf delivered the sermon, on the topic: “How we ought to feel about the Gospel.” The first hymn on that day was, “With the Lord Begin Thy Task.” Fourteen pieces of mail were received that first week, after the broadcast, from joyful listeners. Thus Redeemer Radio Mission was launched, to continue to this day, by the grace of Almighty God.

Redeemer Radio Mission, for all these sixty years, has been supported solely by free-will offerings. These have been generously given by members of Redeemer congregation, and by a large number of faithful friends in the radio audience. For this continuous and wholehearted support, for these gifts of love and sacrifice, we are indeed grateful and thankful.

For these sixty years of being privileged to broadcast His Word, we give all glory to our God. Humbly we acknowledge His gracious goodness. From the many letters and cards received from listeners during these years, we are told again and again of the eternal benefits of this broadcast. Thanks be to God for giving us the wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ! Praise be to God for permitting us to speak of His full and free salvation to so many people!

...and the Present!
In celebration of our 60th year of live broadcasting, we decided to upgrade our equipment as well as update the broadcast studio itself.
A new board, broadcast microphone, and digital recorder have been purchased. A redesigned studio area was also constructed to provide better sound isolation and a more ergonomic engineering area. We thank all those involved with their help in both the funding and construction.
We ask you to continue to support our mission, not only financially, but with your prayers. It is so important to reach out with God’s word to everyone that is willing to listen.














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